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What Happens When Water Collects at the Foundation of Your Building

What Happens When Water Collects at the Foundation of Your Building Water can create catastrophes – tsunamis, floods, hurricanes. Water carved out the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns. Water, for all it’s calm and placidity, uses persistence to incite great changes on everything from mountain ranges to your home. Hydrostatic Pressure: The “persistence” of standing … READ MORE

Comparing a Traditional Roof to a Tesla Solar Roof: Costs, Pros, & Cons

The Tesla Solar Roof was unveiled by Elon Musk earlier this year and has immediately polarized audiences. It comes with all the sleek, precision-manufacturing excellence we expect from Tesla’s electric cars, but also a quiet ambiguity when it comes to specific energy performance and cost. But how does the latest top-of-the-range solar roof compared to … READ MORE

Emergency Roof Repair Services by Tidewater Roofing

Owning a building, whether it’s your home or a business, comes with responsibilities and requirements. One of those responsibilities is ensuring that the roof over your head keeps the interior of your building safe and dry. Well, it’s no secret that the weather in Virginia can change fast- sometimes bringing heavy rain, damaging wind and … READ MORE

Five Common Problems We Find When Fixing Roofs

We estimate that we repair an average of 1,200 roofs for homeowners in Hampton Roads and the Greater Richmond area every year. From small pinholes to major roof repairs, we’ve tackled just about every kind of problem you can think of. When we come to your home or business to assess your roof, we will … READ MORE