Roof Coatings Prolong the Life of Your Roof.

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Commercial Roof Coatings That Enhance & Restore Your Roof!

  • GE coatings can be applied at 0°F, eliminating delays in your roofing project.
  • They install quickly, saving you costly labor charges.
  • GE Coating offer error-free installation.
  • Eliminates debris and waste in landfills.
  1. Clean - Remove debris from gutters and rooftop.
  2. Prep - Primerless preparation for application.
  3. Coat - One coat application in temperatures as low as 0°F
  • We offer 10, 15, and 20 year warranty options.
  • Our team is highly trained and certified to install coatings.
  • Inspections are done by Independant 3rd-party engineers (GE Coatings only).
  • Can be used on almost all substrates like concrete, metal, and PVC.
  • Withstands the elements with superior UV resistance
  • Best-in-class elongation
  • Ultra-low VOC

Tidewater Roofing First Opened in the Hampton Roads Area in 1982. Learn More About Us!

Why Replace Your Roof When You Can Restore?

Saving You Millions

Don’t spend millions on replacing your roof. Restore it with an energy efficient coating. You’ll save money on installation, your energy bill, and maintenance. Coatings are seamless, eliminating water intrusion and UV ray damage. They install quickly, meaning you spend less on labor and can invest more money into other projects.

Tidewater Roof Restoration Saves Money

Energy Efficient

Not only will you save on the installation, you’ll benefit from the color retention and reflectivity. With a GE Coating you’ll see savings of up to 35% on your energy bill! When the sun is scorching asphalt shingles or BUR gravel temperatures fluctuate through 100°F every day. Your new white silicone only shifts by 40°F in a day.

Tidewater Roof Restoration is Energy Efficient

Seamless, Versatile, and Flexible

A seamless roof coating means there are no seams to leak or let in light, reducing water intrusion and UV ray damage to your home. Custom systems work with most existing roof types and all roof shapes and sizes, without adding much weight. They stay flexible as the temperature changes, causing less expansion and contraction.

Tidewater Seamless Roof Coating

Weatherproof and Chemically Stable

Rain, snow, or hail: these roofs are up to the task. They’re unaffected by UV rays and impermeable by water. In fact, GE Coatings are rain ready in just 30 minutes! Roof coating help prevent mold, mildew, and fungus plus structural adversities like wood rot and metal rust.

Tidewater Roof Restoration is Waterproof & Chemically Stable

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the price of new gutters?

Pricing varies based on individual needs. Different materials, gutter sizes, and building specs can drastically change the end cost of the project.

what materials do we use?

We use 24 gauge steel or heavy gauge aluminum. We finish our gutters with Kynar-500 paint or a mill finish.

where do we get our gutters?

We make them! All gutters are custom fabricated at our warehouse.

do our gutters come with a warranty?

We offer various warranties on every project to include material and a labor warranty through Tidewater Roofing on all gutters.

what other gutter-related items do we install?

We also install water collection boxes and downspouts.

Why businesses all over southeastern virginia choose tiderwater roofing

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. It’s what keeps you and your family safe and comfortable from the elements. It protects you from the sun, rain, and wind. However, years of wear can take a toll on your roof. Eventually, it will need to be replaced.

Building a new roof is a large undertaking. There’s a lot of planning, demolition, construction, and clean-up involved. At Tidewater Roofing, we’ve been refining our processes and methods since 1982- we’ve got roofing down to an exact science.

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Clients First

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Decades of

Serving Hampton Roads and the Greater Richmond area since 1982.

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24/7 Emergency

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Our Comprehensive Warranty

We want our customers to feel confident when they choose us. That’s why we offer a workmanship warranty on our repairs.

Other Commercial Roofing Services

Roof Replacements

When a roof reaches a certain age, it makes more sense to replace it than it does to continue repairing it. We’ve worked on thousands of roof replacements for homes and businesses all over Southeastern Virginia. If it’s time for you to get a new roof, we hope you consider our roofers first!

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Custom Gutter Fabrication and Installation

When it comes to water, you want to make sure that your gutter systems are efficiently doing their job and moving the water away from your building. We are the experts in fabricating and installing custom box gutters that compliment your roof and drainage need.

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