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City Center at Oyster Point

City Center at Oyster Point Project

Project Profile


High Profile New Construction Application with Time and Workspace Restrictions

Property Owner


Hiring Contractor

Ms. Summer Oostra - Project Manager
Ritchie-Curbow Construction Company, Inc.
Phone: (757) 873-0123


Newport News, VA

Roof Area

25,000 Square Feet


January, 2006


60 Mil. EPDM Single-Ply Flat Roofing Membrane, Standing Seam Metal Roofing and Metal Wall Panels

Dollar Value


In response to exponential growth and a booming economy, the city of Newport News, Virginia was looking to build a new centralized business and residential housing area near its center of commerce. The project, dubbed City Center at Oyster Point, was to then serve as a catalyst for future growth.

The enormous and costly building project was given to the Ritchie-Curbow Construction Company, who in turn handed the roofing portion of the job to a local contractor. Although the roofing contractor offered to perform the job at a low price, it soon became apparent that they were not qualified to install the EPDM and metal roofing that was specified for the project.

Behind schedule and under pressure to meet tight deadlines, Ritchie-Curbow turned to Tidewater Roofing for help. A strong working relationship had already been established between the two contractors, and Ritchie-Curbow was happy to sub out work to Tidewater whenever possible.

Tidewater’s first priority was to roof the various restaurants and retail stores, located directly underneath the complex’s sprawling, new parking garage. The task was a difficult one and required an experienced roofing operation since crews were restricted to less than four feet of workspace between the two levels. For hours each day, workers were unable to stand and barely had room to move around on their hands and knees. The confined work area was also very dark, requiring additional lighting, and fresh air had to be pumped into the tight working quarters for proper ventilation. Despite the logistical and physical challenges, Tidewater Roofing was able to complete the project on time and meet all contractual and city requirements.

“Tidewater Roofing exceeded our expectations in helping to sort out inventory, determining and repairing deficiencies on the work in place and especially in the speediness of mobilizing crews to complete the remainder of the project,” said Summer Oostra, project manager for the job. “Tidewater was able to meet our demanding schedule with superior quality and workmanship, and we thank them for their help with this job.”