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Five Common Problems We Find When Fixing Roofs

We estimate that we repair an average of 1,200 roofs for homeowners in Hampton Roads and the Greater Richmond area every year. From small pinholes to major roof repairs, we’ve tackled just about every kind of problem you can think of.

When we come to your home or business to assess your roof, we will get up on the roof and have a look at what is causing your problem. Most small leaks are a result of damaged shingles or improper installation, and most causes of water damage are due to old or improperly installed shingles.

The Five Most Common Problems We Encounter

Improperly Installed Starter Shingles

Starter shingles are laid down at the edge of the roof, where the roof meets the gutters. This layer of shingles is essential in preventing water from seeping behind them or underneath their sheathing. Without this layer, water may seep into your roof and cause damage.

Incorrect Slope

While it’s easy to assume that any slope that moves water away from the building and into the gutters is sufficient. However, certain roof designs and material choices were made with specific slope requirements in mind. If the roof slope doesn’t match the slope of the materials, water may not flow correctly.

Slope requirements differ based on the materials used.

Poor Shingle Installation

A common cause of minor leaks, water penetration, damage, and shingles that are poorly installed can cause all sorts of problems. It is important that shingles are securely installed (with at least four nails per shingle), and that the shingles are not penetrated into (or above) the self-sealing strip.

Roofs with higher grades should use more nails per shingle to ensure proper fastening and waterproofing.

Improper Venting

Venting is important in ensuring that moisture does not build up in the home (and especially the attic). Without proper venting, moisture can become trapped inside the structure (and the roof), weakening the shingle materials and creating the potential for moisture-related problems down the road.

Old, Damaged, & Misaligned Drip Edge

An often overlooked component of a roofing project is drip edge. It is a small but essential component that ensures water does not rake in or drive in where the shingles meet the fascia boards. Drip edge that has been damaged is unable to do its job properly and may result in water failing to fall into the gutters.

Think You Might Have a Roof Repair on Your Hands?

No problem- you can trust our professionals to take care of your roof! With more than 30 years of experience, you know that our roofers have the skills and expertise needed to perform your repair quickly and properly. Learn more about our roof repair services.