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United States Navy Bases

NOAH Enterprises, a minority owned contractor with 8-A status who specializes in the restoration of historical housing units, was in need of a roofer that could install custom roof systems to the strict (and sometimes unique) specifications of a landmark property. NOAH was acting as a general subcontractor for Lincoln … READ MORE

United States Army Forts

Like thousands of others throughout Hampton Roads, the U.S. Army experienced extensive property damage from Hurricane Isabel in late 2003. In a desperate attempt to restore daily operations as quickly as possible, the Army turned to the Department of Public Works and its two general contractors, AMC and Centennial for … READ MORE

Tabernacle United Methodist

Following several decades of wear and tear, Tabernacle United Methodist Church, located in Poquoson, Virginia, required a vast roof renovation. The project was given to Bob Derby of the property committee, who wasted no time in contacting Tidewater Roofing for a bid. Mr. Derby had heard of the 30 year … READ MORE

Sumitomo Machinery

When one of the world’s largest machinists found themselves in need of a new roof for their 300,000 square foot assembly plant, it was pretty clear which professional contractor would be awarded the job. The Chesapeake, Virginia-based Sumitomo Machinery Corporation had been using Tidewater Roofing to perform roofrelated repairs for … READ MORE